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Sketching on the beach at Aldborough, September 2015

ART GROUP INFORMATION -  The terms run for ten consecutive weeks - roughly in line with the schools. Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9.30-12.30 in my garden studio, materials are not provided but coffee certainly is! However, if you find you have forgotten your pencil, I am sure there will be one hanging about. 

The group is organised on a first come first served basis and a cheque is your guarantee of a place. Please ring 01608 676504 or e-mail(see tab below) if you are interested as there is a waiting list.

These courses are small and friendly, with all media and levels welcome. The focus is on helping individuals to develop their own style with confidence and not to copy the way I work. This ethos forms the basis for tutored painting tours in and around Europe, where I have been tour leader/tutor for Arbuthnott Holidays; Steppes Travel and La Dogana Summer School, Umbria.

Taking inspiration from the masters, I use these basic techniques to help develop hand/eye co-ordination in my students. The latter have always been my teachers however and I like to think that between us we develop some independent thoughts and ideas. During the chilly Cotswold winter there is always a quirky still-life on the go for the whole group. In the summer, we are often to be found out and about, sketch books at the ready. (Coffee and biscuits compulsory)

The Life-Class workshops have become a regular feature here in the studio. There is of course, no better discipline to further your drawing technique. Furthermore, I am keen on the alchemy of pure colour and give watercolour workshops and demonstrations on this subject. This has taken me to some interesting village halls to give talks and demo's ; namely Bury Knowle Art Group(Oxford) The Charlbury ,Lechlade and Chipping Campden Art societies.This year I am teaching at the Windrush Gallery on the 6th December 2017

Still-Life Boots

Still-Life: Old Friends

                                                                       ART FOR SEPTEMBER 2017

9.30 - 12.30 with a break for coffee!

Dear seasoned art groupers, beginners and occasional painters, I can’t believe that I am writing about the autumn term. The format will stay much the same but I just want to re-iterate the point of still-life and drawing. (in case you were wondering!) It is currently fashionable for artists to use a ‘cut and paste’ method borrowing ready-made objects and images and combining them to create a picture. Drawing itself becomes a side-issue in this slightly ironic take on things. It is also trendy to what I call ‘not draw’ … and ‘not paint’ however you really do need to be able TO draw before you can do this. You have to understand what is already there before you can leave it out!  By learning to draw, you find that you observe more closely, becoming more involved with the ‘here and now’ and therefore your own creativity is developed to the full.

Here are my dates for next term and if you can possibly stick to your day, I would be extremely grateful. The mornings run from 9.30 – 12.30 and there will be the usual mix of still lives and drawing exercises for you to get your teeth into. This helps with composition, hand skills and translating things into 3D which a photograph can never do in the same way. Please send a cheque made out to Amanda Cooper £225 before AUGUST 1st.  I am afraid that due to the very small size of my business, a refund is not possible.This payment confirms your place and if you leave it too late, it makes it difficult for me to tell others that they can’t join.

If you do wish to retain your place for the term but can’t make it for any reason, there is a charge of £50.

If you would prefer to pay online, then PLEASE EMAIL FOR DETAILS.There is a now a waiting list.

1. Tuesday 12 September Thursday 14  September
2. Tuesday 19  Thursday 21
3. Tuesday 26 Thursday 28
NO ART 3rd and 5th October
4. Tuesday 10 October  Thursday 12
5. Tuesday  17  Thursday 19
6. Tuesday 24 Thursday 26
7. Tuesday 31Thursday 2 November
8.  Tuesday 7Thursday 9
9.  Tuesday 14 Thursday 16
10. Tuesday 21Thursday 23

      Amanda Cooper, Bolters Farm, Chilson, Chipping Norton,OX7 3HU

Home 01608 676504 or mobile 07778 476517

NB.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE a mobile or landline answerphone message as we are in a very bad reception area. An email or text is much more reliable - plus I check them regularly.