Watercolour observations month by month

Diary of a Garden 2019

This year I am going to try an accurate rendition of the actual seasons, thought the medium of our garden.  I could have chosen generic monthly subjects, but I am going to attempt to stick to God's plan ha! ha!

There will be more.....and there will be writing! There might even be a book... but for now the Artists and Leisure Painter are going to be publishing it every month from 2020(hopefully...!)

The quiet evening kept her tryst:
Beneath an open sky we rode,
And passed into a wandering mist
Along the perfect Evenlode.

The tender Evenlode that makes
Her meadows hush to hear the sound
Of waters mingling in the brakes,
And binds my heart to English ground.

A lovely river, all alone,
She lingers in the hills and holds
A hundred little towns of stone,
Forgotten in the western wolds

Hillaire Belloc