15th - 22nd November 11am - 5pm

A shared exhibition, with Amanda Cooper, Richard Fox, Linda Baillie in this amazing venue, home to the irrepressible Mitford sisters.

Burford Spire in October - Watercolour. SOLD

Gulls on the ploughing - Indian ink and wash. SOLD

Man on bike - Watercolour and ink. NFS

Conference and Marigold - Watercolour £475

Onions drying - Rousham - Watercolour £475

Street cars and Whisky Bars - Watercolour, some ink. £675

Rope Trick - Ink and Wash. SOLD

Arboretum - Ink and Watercolor. £325

Prom 57 - Watercolour. £375

Also a series of 10 mounted and signed prints available at £50