The great Signorina Simi 1980

This new 96 page book is a must have for all newcomers to art and some old timers too. Stuffed with practical tips, stories and illustrations from her own home, Amanda makes it her personal mission to inform you, where others might gloss over the basics. Just the right size for slipping into that old art bag...

"Just to say congratulations on your book! I saw it when I was working in the shop last week (Woodstock Bookshop) and I think it is beautiful... and so good – practical and interesting and such an achievement - And I do know a bit how it feels because I have published ..... Love the flaps!! "

"I was with a group of textile friends for the weekend, and one of them had a selection of books about colour. It was when she started to read your book, and burst out laughing, many times, we had to share the humour. She took the book home with her, and so I would like my own copy to read the rest."

"...full of good advice and useful tips all balanced by humour and the sense of the possible." Tom Phillips RA MBE

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