Amanda Cooper Landscapes, Houses and Gardens in watercolour


Download link - this may or may not work!!!!!

You should have all received the link to this weeks film, as it was filmed on zoom I cant upload it to thi website. Just let me know if you would like a link. 

Hello everyone,

I thought it might be helpful to give you a list of colours and materials  along with the actual photo of the set-up. I have also included my sketch, in case that is of interest.

I think you might find it a lot easier to just watch the film and take notes and do your painting at a later date. However do set up a still life of your own based around this subject as it is always better to draw from life rather than a 2D photo.

ANY medium will do, it does not have to be a water colour.

I am using Winsor and Newton ‘rough’ 300gsm watercolour paper but you can use anything so long it is fairly robust. Preferable larger than A4. If using pastels use a nice earthy coloured piece of paper.

Ditto oils in which you could use red as your ground!

Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

French Ultramarine

A suitable red for the kerchief – Bright Red is the one I have.

I will probably mix green with Green Gold and Ultramarine

OR ultramarine with Raw umber or Raw Sienna

A decent pencil: 4,5 or 6B or a graphite aquarelle pencil(ie watercolour pencil) or even charcoal with watercolour can be very effective.

Pen and wash - a nice sepia ink with French ultramarine wash works well.

Brushes I am using a size 14 with a smaller one for detail.

Good Luck! A