Amanda Cooper Landscapes, Houses and Gardens in watercolour

Cabbage- a ten minute demo.

JJ2 Lemons - the (very) rough sketch

JJ2 Lemons, the 10 minute live demo


Lesson 1 The Cabbage Still Life. A short film in my studio showing you the basics of getting started on a small still life painting in watercolour. Do try to set you own up in the kitchen or by the fire - somewhere where you can be warm and comfortable and in an ideal world....leave your stuff out! 

Arches paper, or the heaviest that you can lay your hands on.

4B Aquarelle pencil of any 3B-6B

Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, French ultramarine, Green Gold, Hookers Green

Always do a tiny thumbnail sketch to get you in the zone - you would be surprised how effective this is. 

Then do the main drawing without trying to copy your thumbnail OR, can I stress, a photo off your phone. This is the worst possible way of learning to draw. It is a brilliant tool for taking the image of the actual set up and practising cropping to get a good composition but it is far and away a better exercise to do this in pencil. After all, you are artists. 

LESSON 2 Lemons live! 

Using the aquarelle pencil again, I seem to have become rather attached to it.....

It runs nicely into the washes and stops you being too prescriptive.

Colours: Winser Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Raw Sienna, Green Gold, Raw Umber, BUrnt Umber, Fr ULtramarine. Paper: Arches 10x14"  140lb