Amanda Cooper Landscapes, Houses and Gardens in watercolour

Lesson 1 intro film of painting a scene in our village

Lesson 1 finishing off the painting

Lesson 2 short intro film of me sketching the oak tree

Lesson 2 Back in the studio to finish the tree

Lesson 2 short film of me finishing the oak tree

Short film of me sketching the barns at Shorthampton

Lesson 3 Live demo of Barns

Lesson 3 barns second live demo

Lesson 4 a) The Bridge on location

Lesson 4 b) Getting started with paint

Lesson 5 sketching in the Lane

Lesson 5 Lane - starting the painting

Lesson 5 finishing touches

Lesson 6 Pollard, in which I sketch from the bottom of our garden

Lesson 6 Pollard, in which I continue the painting from the studio

Lesson 6 Pollard finishing touches

Lesson 7 Sheep beginning to paint

Lesson 7 Sheep - continuing to paint

Lesson 7 Finishing touches

Lesson 8 SKy - laying on the sky wash with moody clouds

Lesson 8 b Sky in which I concentrate on the tree

Lesson 9 - Sketching the door

Lesson 9 Completing the painting

Lesson 10 in which I try and paint it in 10 minutes and dont quite! Watch out for the still images to follow

Hello everyone, this is the first of hopefully many a short clip on landscape painting in watercolour. We are new to this so please forgive the odd blip.......Primarily designed for my art group  - this is a glimpse into the locality in which we are lucky enough to live in West Oxfordshire.  Lockdown has given us all time-whether welcome or not- to review how we do things and glance at our inner selves, not always a pretty sight! Drawing and painting is a very good way of being in the moment which we are all told is so helpful at this time.  

The actual photographic image is here as well for you to access and have a go. Plus the painting on the go and a finished one will be up here soonest!  In the second clip(filmed on my own with a phone, as Robert was doing something else, so forgive the angle...I'll get better I promise!) I finish off the tree and also the rest of the landscape putting a finishing touch of a telegraph pole in the background because I thought it need a vertical!

Basic Painting kit for the outdoor painter: this should read a lightweight assortment of your normal art equipment. Do really give it some thought because you do not want to be lugging a bag full of sundries across a field and believe me plenty of people do…..

*Sketchbook any kind of cartridge paper or (watercolour) ‘moleskine’ is good,

*Decent watercolour paper A3 (11” x 16” or bigger) 

I favour a gummed (ie glued round the edges so no need for tape) 'Arches' rough grain 140lb

...the better the paper the more you can get away with!

*Easel; NOT compulsory, but if travelling, take one that fits in your luggage.

*Light drawing board, the same size as your paper and suitcase. OR a 'gummed' pad is brilliant

*Masking tape and a good bull - dog clip

*Pencils B through to 6B and a rubber

*Drawing pen (optional) 'PILOT' waterproof drawing pens are good in black or sepia. Prefer an 0.3 or 0.4 

*Light (Winser and Newton) Paintbox or individual tubes consisting; Lemon Yellow; Cadmium yellow; Aureolin yellow, Raw Sienna; Cadmium(or Windsor)red: Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue; French Ultramarine; Burnt Sienna; Raw Umber. Burnt Umber

*Light mixing palette or plate.

*Brushes – not too many. w/c size, small is a 10 through to 16 for large. 

*Plastic water container ( cut off bottom of a plastic water bottle)

*Small Rucksack

ALWAYS BRING Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Camera and money 

*Water for painting and drinking

*Suncream, insect repellent and socks!

FOR SUPPLIERS: Stow Art Supplies or online suppliers.  Jacksons or Pegasus


"Mandy, I have  never enjoyed painting so much. Your tutorials are so inspiring that I can complete faster and be INACCURATE and not lost in details. Merci Beaucoup!"  MF

"The tutorials are brilliant. I might even be able to master the technology if not the technique. 
Keep smiling and hopefully we can regroup in September."
I just wanted to tell you that I followed your first lesson online, of the cottage in Chilson, and so enjoyed it.  I forwarded the link to some friends on Facebook and one friend in Canada followed your demo with her daughter; she is starting to take watercolour lessons!  I just found the Lockdown link on your website - 
fascinating.  Would love to come on one of your courses when all this is over.

I still have the painting you gave me of the pond at Neighbrook when you tutored an art day here some years ago for the C Campden Art Soc.  There is now a red bridge, tori (arches) avenue and a tea house, set in a Japanese garden.