Amanda Cooper Landscapes, Houses and Gardens in watercolour
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My fan club in Copsamare village life

My Romanian fanclub 2015

AJC teaching

AJC demo at Campriano,


Houseparty at Mayres SW FRANCE

indein Myan pics (49 of 163)

Acting punka wallas for the painters in 40 degrees of Burmese heat!

Courses and tution 7

Jocelyn(on right)and me, La Dogana Summer School 2010

AJB doing a demo!

Demo at Almuna, Andalucia, with Arbuthnott Holidays.

Watercolour challenge


Unbridled enjoyment!

Jicky, Campriano 2016

Courses and tuition 6

Demo in Umbria, La Dogana early 2000

Fit to paint 2016

they'll kill me for this...

picnic Minnanthu , Myanmar

best meal yet!

view from hotel at Kasbegi, Georgia
campriano 2014 082
Umbrian lunch
la Dog 2010 027
Annabel campriano
Sketching at Campriano

Sketching at Campriano

Once in a lifetime painting holidays to un-tramelled places. These trips are tailor made to suit the needs of a small group, either in a private villa or as guests in a boutique hotel. Quality of accommodation, comfort, camaraderie and food are never compromised.Tutoring is individual and every care is taken to make sure you get the most out of your holiday. However there is not a lot we can do about the weather. Please contact me if you would like further details or would like to go on the mailing list.

PRICES  from £1,200 (Travel not included) 


"Our happy excursions only happen because you are the catalyst and we can’t resist the chemistry. But Yes, this was the most magical..."
~ RH

"Two splendid days and thank you very much for everything. It was so good to get pencil to paper again and improve and great to see you and one or two classmates I remember from before. Altogether an excellent time out and I must really make a space to do a bit of drawing at home and keep going."
~ Love Jane

" Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the pics, I can't stop studying them. You are brilliant, they are even better than I could ever have imagined. Not only are they excellent drawings but they have the right feel about them too."
~ Di

"I enjoyed being part of your group, how much I learnt from you and how impressed I was with your ability to manage 9 people, most of whom had fairly fixed ideas about what they did and when they did it. It cant be easy and you never seemed to be anywhere near loosing your cool."
~ Belinda

"Everyone has written in your praise and it is lovely to have someone so simpatica to share the effort. As usual I enjoyed the various experiments you suggested and I'm sure they all add a little to one's confidence."
~ Jocelyn