Amanda Cooper Landscapes, Houses and Gardens in watercolour

Painting kit for the traveller or en-pleine-aire enthusiast. This should read a lightweight assortment of your normal art equipment. Do really give it some thought because you do not want to be lugging a bag full of sundries across a field and believe me plenty of people do…..

*Sketchbook or (watercolour) ‘moleskine’ is good,

*Decent watercolour paper A3 (11” x 16” or bigger) 'Arches' gummed pads are pricey but excellent.

*Easel; NOT compulsory, but if you take one make sure that it fits into your luggage or ‘special luggage’ might have to apply.

*Light drawing board, the same size as your paper and suitcase.

*Masking tape and a good bull - dog clip

*Pencils B through to 6B and a rubber

*Drawing pen (optional)

*Light Paintbox or individual tubes for watercolour consisting; Lemon Yellow; Cadmium yellow; Aureolin yellow, Raw Sienna; Cadmium(or Windsor)red: Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue; French Ultramarine; Burnt Sienna; Raw Umber. Burnt Umber

NB NO BLACK OR WHITE. Always wrap your reds in plastic for a flight, as they can leak out.

*A Light mixing palette or plate.

*Brushes – not too many. w/c size, small is a 10 through to 16 for large.

*Plastic water container ( you can use the cut off bottom of a plastic water bottle)

*Rucksack, small enough to pack inside your suitcase and use as hand luggage.

ALWAYS BRING Sun hat, Sunglasses, Camera and money and ALWAYS keep half an eye on it. . I remember painting in Morocco once when the schools were let out at midday and we practically had to run for cover. In the end I bribed a nearby stall holder to chase the children away.

*Water for painting and drinking

*Suncream, insect repellent and socks!